The personality development course at Lalita classes intends to make you a better person in all the ways one can think of.

Session 1(50 hrs)

1.Check grammatical mistakes and help correct them
2.Writing techniques (simple and advanced)
3.Writing essays, reports, letters
4.Sharing tips through theoretical and practical sessions
5.Assignments on whatever covered.

1.Theory of communication skills
2.Guidance on how to improve communication skills
3.Guidance on setting life goals and meeting them
4.Guidance on positive thinking, confidence building through examples and illustrations
5.Assignments on whatever covered

1.Soft skills training concepts and practical sessions
2.Sales skills theory and practical sessions(the art of convincing)
3.Leadership skills(how to be a better Leader)
4.Interview skills(how to face an interview)
5.Resume writing(effective resume writing to impress)

1.Public speaking
2.Tips and tricks for being a successful Orator
3.Solve problems faced and master the methods
4.Demo sessions and workshops

1.Dealing with life problems
2.How to be always energetic and successful
3.Get what you want
4.Counselling sessions
5.Stress management
6.Coaching for life

 A lion was hungry one day. He started searching for something to eat. 

Luckily he could catch a small hare. He knew the hare wouldn't be sufficient to quench his hunger. As he was about to eat the hare he saw a deer. Seeing something bigger he let the hare go and went on to catch the deer. But the deer escaped. The lion had nothing to eat that day, thanks to his greed 

Don't be greedy.

 I tell you a story. 

Two Friends were walking on a desert. They were very good friends. As they walked,  one of the friends unknowingly puts feet on his friends feet by mistake. The friend who obviously was in pain, slapped his other  friend. The friend who was slapped got upset and wrote on the sand " my friend slapped me today" .

As they continued walking, the slapped friend fell into a pit. The other friend saves his fallen friend from falling further. The slapped friend this time writes on the stone " my friend saved my life today" 

The friend who had saved was surprised and curious. He asked why first his friend wrote on a sand and then on the stone. 

The friend who had written explained.

I wrote on sand so I forget the bad thing my friend did. And I wrote on the stone just to never forget that my friend saved my life. 

Did you all like the story?

 A poor man tired of his poverty approached Swami Vivekananda and requested him to guide him to get rid of his poverty. 

Swami Vivekanand told him the address of a rich man. The poor man goes to the rich man. 

The rich man as he saw was blind. Inspite of that he requested the blind rich man to give him money.  The blind rich man said that he will give his entire property but on one condition. " You have to donate me your eyes"

The poor man ran away from there and reported the incident to swami. 

Swami explained to him. You have 2 eyes 2 legs 2 hands inspire of that you beg for money. Why not use these assets of your body parts to work hard and achieve everything with your guts. 

Look at what you have. Never give up hardwork . Hardwork always pays. No gain without pain

Follow your passion when language learning is your passion. It needs discipline and hardwork. 

You should never be bored never shy when asked to speak or while showing your skills. In fact take it as an opportunity.  Try reading newspapers magazines , usually old ones because they are cheap. Reading writing listening speaking are the main facets of a language. We must be versatile and good in all four. 

An imbalance could exist. I mean when you read well may be you cannot write  that too well. The journey is also to strike a balance. 

 Remember the four facets and work on them. Try to be versatile. 
When it comes to language learning it is necessary even for an expert to be in touch.A rusty brain could be dangerous. Keep practicing keep revising.  Change the methods never give up. 

You are learning a foreign language you take your first step towards a beautiful career. As a teacher interpreter translator coordinator and many other roles you can play. The fruits are tasty you need to work hard. 

Even as a leader you need to demonstrate things. You will be continuously tested and when you come out successfully the fruits are tastier.  

Foreign language is an art. We need to understand this and understand that hard work will give results. Money ,fame will kiss your feet. 

Keep trying try try till you succeed. You want to speak fluently you want to see yourself at the top. You must work hard and stay committed. 
One of the most difficult but interesting parts of the language learning process is understanding what the person in front of us is saying. We call it in German "Verstehen" to understand. As a language professional you need to have a thorough understanding of the language. This will take you a step ahead of others. To understand most of the times a native speaker you need to have strong listening skills. You need to know words and their pronunciations. You need to develop vocab and understand the pronunciation of words in the exact way as that of the native speakers.

I would recommend taking a transcript of dialogues or hearing files with hearing text. You read them as the native speaker speaks one by one. Thus you know the pronunciation of the word been spoken and the you can simultaneously try to understand the meaning of the words you don't know the meaning of.  But i would still recommend for listening skills you learn lots of new words and the exact meaning of the words, at least when you are a newbie. 

Listening skills development involves concentration and an ability of summarizing and guessing meanings. You need not understand the exact speech. This is one of the tips usually an interpreter will give and a very important skill. You understand and are able to work with very less hassles and are praised for your work. You also enjoy your work and have lots of leisure time.